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To meet India and Asian market demands for premium chocolate, Tea & Coffee as well as desire to showcase by international leading brands of the Industry, Chocotea specially curated by Radiaant Expositions Ltd being a pioneer In Trade Fair Organizer since 2006.

India’s Only Chocolate Tea & Coffee Expo to be held at Mumbai 2019.

Chocotea Expo is a key event for the chocolate, coffee and tea industry. The event will organize an exhibition, conference program, tea masters. Exhibition rightfully claims to be one of the key professional events in the field of Chocolate, coffee and tea in India and other countries.

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Chocolate, Tea and Coffee Expo

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29, 30, 31 August 2019

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Chocotea Expo news

8 April 2019

Qingming Signals a Sunny Start for the Tea Harvest in China

China’s love of tea blossoms in April. Qingming (April 5) on the lunar calendar marks the official first day of the tea harvest across a country that grows tea in commercially in 18 provinces.

Chocotea Expo news

15 April 2019

Is New Trustea Certification a Game Changer for the Indian Tea Industry?

Earlier this month, the Indian media reported 608 million kilograms of tea (46 percent of the country’s annual output) has been verified and certified by trustea, a sustainability code developed in India.

Chocotea Expo news

24 April 2019

Tata Global to buy Dhunseri's branded tea business

KOLKATA: Tata Global BeveragesNSE -1.88 % (TGBL) is buying Dhunseri Tea & Industries’ branded packet tea business along with its brands ‘Lal Ghora’ and ‘Kala Ghora’ for a total consideration of Rs 101 crore.